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Solar battery SolarMD 200 kWh

Solar battery SolarMD 200 kWh

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SolarMD's energy storage products are manufactured using the safest lithium-ion battery cells available. These battery cells are based on the most advanced lithium iron phosphate chemistry. SolarMD designs the internal intelligent battery management system. This design allows monitoring, protection, and control at the cell level. The main inverter brands are compatible with SolarMD systems. Our solutions are compatible with both low-voltage and high-voltage energy conversion systems. SolarMD's energy storage solutions are manufactured in a state-of-the-art technological factory in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • SolarMD SS7020, 200 kWh, 716.8V, DC/200A

    The Solar MD SS7020 is a high-voltage energy storage system featuring Solar MD Advanced BMU and BMS technology. Designed for use in container solutions as well as commercial and industrial locations. The LFP prismatic cells are incredibly durable, safe, and powerful. Solar MD utilizes CATL cells and offers a 12-year performance warranty. Dimensions: 848mm x 704mm x 1976mm Weight: 1700kg.

  • Delivery information

    When ordering individual units, delivery will be made within 1-3 business days from the payment date

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