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Solar battery SunSynk L5.1 5.12kWh

Solar battery SunSynk L5.1 5.12kWh

SKU: L5.1
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Created over 20 years ago, Sunsynk has solidified its position as a leader specialized in manufacturing solutions for renewable energy. The trademark is protected in over 40 countries and earns the respect and recognition of its customers worldwide.

  • SunSynk L5.1 5.12kWh

    The Sunsynk L5.1 is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with built-in BMS for maximum safety and longevity. With a capacity of 5.12 kWh and parallel technology, you can easily expand your power supply as your needs change. Its advanced cell balancing technology ensures that each cell is charged and discharged evenly, extending the battery's lifespan. Product warranty: 10 years. Dimensions: 440 x 620 x 135 mm. Weight: 50 kg.

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    When ordering individual units, delivery will be made within 1-3 business days from the payment date.

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